How to Set Up an Office in an Airbnb for Business Guests

airbnb office setup tips

When setting up your short-term rental space, it’s important to niche down and target a specific demographic. Targeting can depend on your location, and also the type of guests you would prefer to host. Some people are OK with targeting large friend groups for things like bachelorette parties, because they know they can make a lot of money. I love targeting the business traveler because I live so close to downtown Chicago, and I like how quiet they tend to be on average. The best way to target these relatively quiet and easy guests is to offer a them a nice workspace. Below I’ll show the best Airbnb office products as well as some tips and tricks for setting up the perfect office in your Airbnb.

If you don’t already have an office area set up, you have to decide where you want your office. The office can be in a room, ideally the smallest of the bedrooms so you can monetize the bigger rooms with bigger beds. Another idea is to set up a working space in a sunroom or other nook of the unit that makes sense. Once you determine where your office will be, it’s time to set it up.

The most important thing to consider when setting up an office in an Airbnb is WiFi quality!

You can have the most amazing office area ever, but if your WiFi is terrible then none of it matters. You won’t know what type of work your guests will be doing, but odds are they require a reliable high speed internet connection. Offering a direct Ethernet plug connection right into the modem or router is great, however most people will just utilize your wireless internet signal.

What should my Airbnb’s Internet speed be?

Quality is more important than speed, but a reliable connection of 50Mbps or higher should be good enough for a typical short term rental guest. The minimum internet speed for an Airbnb office is 25Mbps in my opinion. If you can offer 1,000Mbps (aka Gigabit speed) that is an amazing differentiatior that is worth noting in your Airbnb listing. As long as you have a good speed, taking a screenshot of your results using a speed testing app will help potential guests understand what type of speeds they can expect, and save yourself from asking any related questions. If you have trouble getting a strong signal in parts of your unit, or if the modem/router is on another floor, I highly recommend setting up a mesh network. A mesh network uses waypoints to create new wireless signals in different areas, which helps to blanket your WiFi signal all over your space. Mesh networks are ideal for places with multiple floors or thicker walls.

Best Airbnb Office Products to Provide Guests

The Must-Haves

  1. A good desk – Make sure to get something large enough for a laptop plus some of the other items on our list.
  2.  A good chair – Something comfortable that also photographs well.
  3. Surge protector – A power strip/surge protector is necessary for guests to plug extra items in if they choose. Get something with USB plugs as well for an extra bonus.
  4. Printer – This isn’t totally necessary for everyone, but can be a life saver for certain guests. If you go this route make sure to have extra paper and ink/toner on standby to avoid any crisis moments.
  5. Pen, paper & Post-It notes – Be sure to offer your guests some materials to jot notes down.
  6. Mouse pad – Guests likely won’t travel with this, and it’s a cheap item to provide that can go a long way.

Going Above and Beyond

  1. Monitor(s) – Providing 1 or 2 monitors is a great way to upgrade your office and impress guests. If you do this you’ll also need to provide the necessary cables, typically either HDMI or DVI plus the power cables.
  2. Lamp – Standard lighting is probably fine, but a nice desk lamp is a great touch for any Airbnb office space.
  3. Mouse and Keyboard – Not totally necessary, but it can help guests feel like they can set up shop as if they were at a real office and not have to work directly off their laptop.
  4. Various basic office supplies – Items like tape, a stapler, paperclips, rubber bands, etc are very cheap to provide, and won’t get used much.

airbnb home office setupOther bonuses for an office are lots of natural sunlight. Sunlight is a great mood booster and can enhance the remote working experience. I also like having realistic fake plants on the desk and in the room. Bonus points for real plants, but maintaining them can be tricky.

A great Airbnb office is a way to really wow your guests. Most travelers are used to the hotel room desk setup, which is easy to beat. Hotels can offer a computer area, but this is usually public and sometimes printing comes with a fee. Creating an optimal office will help attract great business-oriented guests, the most low-maintenance type I’ve come across. If you make sure you have a consistent and reliable WiFi signal, and are equipped at least with all of our must-haves above, you’ll be well on your way to great reviews and more monthly revenue.

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