How to Set Up Your Airbnb Bathroom and Optimize for Great Reviews

The bathroom in your short-term rental is arguably the most important area to focus on for long-term success. No matter how you bathroom is set up, making sure it is consistently clean should be your top priority. If you don’t want to put the effort in to clean between turnovers, it’s critical to outsource that to a reliable cleaner or cleaning company that you can count on. A clean bathroom can lead to better airbnb reviews and more bookings/money, below you’ll find our favorite tips for bathroom optimization.

What does Airbnb require guests to provide in a bathroom?

Airbnb hosts are only required to provide toilet paper, soap and at least 1 towel per booked guest.  This is clearly the bare minimum and you should be able to do a little better. Below is our bathroom checklist for what you should be providing your Airbnb or vacation rental.

What to provide in an Airbnb bathroom

  1. The Obvious:
    • Hand soap – Make sure it’s topped off and won’t be running out during a guest’s stay.
    • Toilet paper – You should always have plenty of backup rolls within arms reach as well. Also, do NOT get the cheap stuff, it’s just not worth it.
    • Towels – Clean towels are a must, and make sure you have enough extras based on how many people you can host at once.
  2. Toothbrushes – Get a large pack of individually sealed toothbrushes. Buying these in bulk can help to keep the costs down.
  3. Toothpaste – Provide a travel sized toothpaste just in case your guest forgets theirs at home. This is something I always like when hotels provide when asked at the front desk, and you should do the same.
  4. Shampoo/conditioner – Go with a large size so that you don’t have to keep replacing it. Not every guest will use is since people like to travel with their own toiletries a lot.
  5. Body wash/wash cloth – This is the correct combo, don’t provide a bar of soap unless it’s sealed. A used bar of soap leftover from a previous guest can be very gross, so just stay stocked up on a general type of body wash.
  6. Hairdryer – This is a must have Airbnb bathroom essential. This is such an important amenity that platforms like Airbnb want you to check a box if you provide a hairdryer. Just spend around $20 and you’ll be fine. I don’t recommend a travel hairdryer, $20 should get you a decent regular sized one.
  7. Nightlight – This one is super underrated. If a guest gets up to use the bathroom during the night, it’s nice to provide a bit of light so they don’t have to blind themselves with the main lights. Also it’s nice to provide some light that lets them find the switches. Don’t worry about taking up an outlet, a guest can always unplug the nightlight if they need to.
  8. Plunger – No matter how good your toilet is, you still need a plunger.
  9. Trash bin – Go with something that has a liner for easy cleaning and turnover.
  10. Bathmats – Bathrooms are slippery places and you’ll want to have bath mats in front of the shower and vanity to prevent guests from slipping and hurting themselves.
  11. Hooks/towel racks – Guests will want to hang up everything in a bathroom especially clothes and towels.

Going above and beyond

  1. Floss – People don’t tend to travel with floss but it can be a nice touch in a bathroom drawer or cabinet.
  2. Lotion – This isn’t for everybody, but it can be a nice touch for some guests especially during cold seasons.
Quick Tip
Always include an image of the shower in your listing. It’s especially helpful for guests with disabilities.

Setting up a bathroom for guests with disabilities

One feature for guests searching on Airbnb is to filter by accessibility features. Bathrooms offer the most filters which you will find below courtesy of Airbnb.

  • Step-free access
  • Wide doorway
  • Roll-in shower with chair
  • Bathtub with shower chair
  • Accessible-height toilet
  • Wide clearance to shower, toilet
  • Fixed grab bars for shower, toilet
  • Handheld shower head

Hosts who can provide even just a few of these amenities will help open their spaces up to more potential guests.

A clean bathroom with proper amenities is critical to operating a successful short-term rental. If you aren’t able to thoroughly clean your bathroom between turnovers, you should probably hire a cleaning service. Guests will become quickly grossed out by a dirty bathroom, so make sure you’re cleaning it adequately.

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