Best WiFi Mesh Network For Your Airbnb 2019

A top priority for any Airbnb host should always be ensuring a strong and reliable WiFi signal. If your short-term rental has it’s own modem/router and is relatively small, chances are you should be all set. However, if your short-term rental shares Wifi with another floor/unit or is under 2,000 sqft, you may want to purchase a mesh network Wifi system.

What is a Wifi mesh network and why do I need one?

A Wifi mesh network uses way points that act like mini-routers to broadcast a strong wifi signal wherever you set them up. Strategically placing 2 or more around your space helps to blanket the area with a reliable Wifi signal that Airbnb guests will love. Mesh network way point devices act like a router replacement, and do not need a cable or Ethernet cord plugged in.

Best Mesh Network for Airbnbs: eero Home Wifi System

best mesh network airbnb

The eero mesh network is our favorite hands-down. Airbnb hosts aren’t typically IT professionals, we we were happy to see that the eero is incredibly easy to set up in minutes using a smartphone. The eero is not the cheapest system out there but it is definitely the most reliable we’ve seen. The system comes with one main hub where you plug into like a router, and 2 extra beacons to place wherever you’d like. There are also packages with just 1 extra beacon, or up to 3.

eero nightlight

The beacons are great because they plug directly into a wall outlet and do not need any extra adapters or cords. They obtain the Wifi signal from the main unit and broadcast an extremely strong signal from that new waypoint. Strategically placing the beacons wherever you get slower speeds, or dead zones will help with your overall guest experience.

An added bonus that we absolutely love, is that the plug-in beacons feature a night-light built in. This added bonus makes it the perfect wifi system for an Airbnb even though it was already #1. Airbnb guests are not as familiar with your space as you are, and may need to get up and go to the bathroom during the night. The nightlight built into the eero makes it a perfect 2-in-1 device for a short term rental.

If you looking to spend a little less,  the Mesh Force setup is highly reviewed and about half the price of the eero. Google and Orbi also make well-reviewed mesh network systems but our research shows that the eero is the best mesh network system for an Airbnb.

We’ve written before on how to set up an office in an Airbnb, a huge part of that is ensuring an excellent Wifi experience. Of course guests want Wifi for things like Netflix and mindless social media scrolling, but business guests may find Wifi to be a critical part of their stay and can review you much harsher than the average guest who doesn’t need to depend on Wifi as much. Wifi services are regional, so we do not endorse any company in particular. However, we can gladly endorse the eero for optimal wifi setup in your short-term rental.

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