What’s the Best Bed for Airbnb?

The most important part of sharing your home with a guest is ensuring that they will have an excellent night’s sleep.  If you are on a tight budget and can only afford to focus on certain areas, make sure you focus on sleep quality first and foremost. Step one is making sure you have a great bed/bed frame setup, then getting an excellent mattress and pillows, followed by bedding. If you have the space, getting a king size is strongly encouraged, otherwise get the largest bed you can have while still having space to walk around the sides. For aesthetics, I suggest going with a bed frame with a headboard, but at the end of my picks I’ll also show my favorite simple bed frame. Here are my the best beds for Airbnb use.

zinus airbnb bed

1. Zinus


  • Very affordable
  • Great array of styles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Usually free shipping


  • Middle supports can get in the way at times

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I absolutely love Zinus beds for Airbnbs or any homesharing spaces. The reason being that they have a wide range of very simple and clean looks, while also being very affordable. It’s very easy to wind up spending way more than you want to on homesharing furnishings, but Zinus helped keep things on budget for me, and I didn’t have to make any sacrifices. I first heard about Zinus on an Airbnb podcast. The host was interviewing a gentleman who manages dozens of units, he mentioned that after going through many beds, he will only buy Zinus.

Zinus has a great range of sizes, styles and colors, so odds are you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you just want the bare minimum, they offer a basic metal bed frame for less than $100. If you want something with a headboard and a bit more style, you can easily find something in the $100-$300 range. All the parts to assemble my Zinus came zipped up inside the headboard. I suppose you could store things inside the empty headboard and zip it up, but not sure that’s very practical. For a brand new bed those are excellent prices, helping to make Zinus our top choice and recommendation. They are also much easier to assemble than an IKEA bed, and usually ship free despite the size and weight. In my opinion, Zinus makes the best bed for Airbnb, hands down.

ikea airbnb bed



  • Good prices
  • Simple and clean styles
  • Can visit stores to see selection in person
  • Matching pieces to complete room
  • Some models offer storage


  • Can be a pain to assemble
  • Pay for shipping or do a store pickup

Many hosts will swear by IKEA when it comes to furnishing their spaces. Despite being a Zinus super fan, I still think you can get exactly what you’re looking for at IKEA. I’d say that IKEA offers the best bed for Airbnb hosts looking for extra storage. As long as it’s not a crazy-busy weekend day, it IS possible to enjoy a trip to IKEA. Get some Swedish meatballs and check out their wide range of fairly-priced beds and bed frames. People who are in a hurry can easily furnish a homesharing space in one day at IKEA (if you have your measurements ready). The convenience of a one-stop-shop makes IKEA a great place for furniture shopping, or any other pieces you need to complete furnishing.

Another great benefit with IKEA beds and bed frames are the storage space offered in some sets. There are a few IKEA bed setups that offer storage underneath the bed, which can be great if you need to store extra bedding or pillows. You can even put labels on the drawers so people know exactly what is in there.

room and board airbnb beds

3. Room & Board


  • Exceptional quality
  • Many styles/colors
  • Name brand recognition


  • High price points

If you’re looking for top of the line – I love Room & Board. Room & Board is the furniture brand owned by Crate & Barrel. Similar to IKEA, Crate & Barrel have some of the most brand-loyal customers. If you can afford it, Room & Board makes some of the best beds available, while also looking extremely modern. The average price of a Room & Board bed can run you $1,000-$3,000. That price is a little high for me, but I do have other Room & Board furniture and they are my favorite furniture pieces. I was able to get a Room & Board sofa and armchair set on LetGo, otherwise I’d have no idea about the brand’s quality. Their furniture line is heavy and extremely durable, and will last you a very long time. When you’re basically running a hotel, making sure the bed is durable is quite important, otherwise you may wind up replacing it from time to time. Starting off with top of the line furniture could be a good route to go.

If you do go with Room & Board or any other high quality/luxury brand, make sure to write that in the listing. Travelers will notice and having luxury offerings could sway somebody to choose your listing over somebody else’s. You could say that Room & Board make the best bed for Airbnbs when not thinking about the price. The vast majority of guests would be more than happy with Zinus, however there are ways to increase the style and quality if you don’t care about how much you’re spending. Room & Board is my favorite luxury brand that looks great in any Airbnb.

Best Bed Frame for Airbnb (simple)

best airbnb bedframeIf you’re truly on a budget and want the bare minimum, a simple bed frame can do the trick. I suppose the bare minimum could just be a mattress on the floor, or worse (God forbid). What we’re looking at here is your simple metal frame, and something that would also eliminate the need for a box spring, like the beds above. Traditionally, metal frames can be squeaky and cheaply made, however our friends at Zinus are back on our list again with a really great option that comes in at a terrific price.

Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation

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Assembly is a breeze since you don’t even need tools to put it together, so it can be set up in just a few minutes. If you already have a headboard, or if you decide to get one later on, there are holes drilled specifically for the purpose of screwing the frame into a headboard. Zinus offers the SmartBase for most major mattress sizes, the full size and larger comes in a 2-piece system which makes it easier to move around. Bed skirts are available if you’d like to dress it up a bit as well. Zinus SmartBase reviews are off the charts in positivity, odds are you’ll become a huge fan as well. When it comes to the basics, Zinus is a great option. If you’re starting out on a tight budget, the SmartBase is a great choice. You can always sell it on Letgo, OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace when you’re ready to upgrade, which allows you to get some money out of it to go towards your new bed.

Other options

My top picks above are obviously assuming you are buying new. If you’re OK with potentially taking a little more time to save some money, there are great used beds to be found. I do NOT mean used mattresses, that’s gross. I’m referring to a used bed/bed frame. We’re in the golden age of buying items from each other thanks to social media. Craigslist is not the only option anymore when it comes to furnishing your Airbnb. I have had great luck with OfferUp and Letgo, which are mobile apps that allow you to search your area for items. Unlike Craigslist, you are not as anonymous on these apps. A review system makes it easier to see the people who other’s found to be a pleasure working with. I also have used Facebook marketplace or neighborhood networks like Nextdoor.

What makes a good bed for Airbnb?

A good Airbnb bed is one that is durable enough to handle a lot of use, but also wouldn’t cost a lot to replace. There is a good chance your Airbnb bed could become more damaged over time than the bed that you sleep on. Some people can be a little careless when traveling, and you have to expect these types of people. You may be disappointed if you spend $1000+ on a fancy bed, only to find out a guest damaged it and it needs replaced. Going with something like the Zinus lets you get a great looking bed that is durable, and if it needs replaced it won’t break the bank.

A homesharing bed should not be overly masculine or feminine. This can be tricky if you’re just renting out a room in your home and it’s already decorated that way, but having a space that doesn’t alienate 50% of the population is a great start for getting as much income as possible.

Offering a great bed in your Airbnb, or other homesharing space, can make a world of difference for your guests. It’s OK to go cheap with some pieces, but beds and bed frames are not those pieces. Get something good-quality, affordable, and make sure to take great photos to show prospective guests where they’ll be sleeping. You’ll find that many reviews center around sleep quality, and starting with a great bed is paramount. Get yourself an amazing mattress and pillows and you are good to go, and well on your way to great Airbnb reviews and possibly more money.

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