Best Airbnb Podcasts in 2020 to Help You Become a Better Host

Podcasts are easily my favorite way to learn information because they are free and perfect for on-the-go listening. There’s a podcast or episode for just about every topic you can think of, including home sharing. Although I feel that Airbnb podcasts are not as prevalent as they should be considering the likely demand, there are some great podcasts out there that will help you learn and grow as a host. In no particular order, here are my favorite shows:

get paid for your pad airbnb podcastGet Paid For Your Pad

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The theme song of this show will get stuck in your head and never leave, but this show is definitely worth a listen. Hosted by Jasper Ribbers, this show covers all home sharing topics by interviewing experts and also offering week-in-review type episodes. Jasper is a hard-working podcaster who consistently publishes fresh content worth keeping up with. I love this one because it’s the most consistent podcast of the group.



short term rental success podcastShort Term Rental Profits

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This show has provided me with countless information and tips. Many different home sharing topics are discussed, as well as some of the general real estate strategies involved in the process. This is another must-listen show. Jason Hartman hosts this in depth short term rental podcast. Some topics he covers include best products for hosting, as well as tax strategies for hosts.



vacation rental success podcastVacation Rental Success

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Heather Bayer hosts this Airbnb podcast staple. Heather created this podcast as an offshoot of Cottage Blogger, her vacation rental blog. If you’re interested furthering your hosting education, Heather is a great resource for all the goings on in the world of vacation rental conferences and conventions as well as miscellaneous tips and tricks



shampoo and booze airbnb podcastShampoo and Booze

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This podcast series seems to have ended, however there is still helpful information to be found in old episodes. Shampoo and Booze covers the hosting lives of Ryanne and Jay, former big city dwellers who documented their Airbnb journey all the way down to renovating the rental home. The name of their podcast came from the two things they would find most often to be left by guests, which isn’t a bad thing! You can see the photos they reference on their podcast here.


airbnb entrepreneur podcastThe Airbnb Entrepreneur

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Rachel Prince hosts this Airbnb podcast focusing on hosting tips, mostly for US based hosts. Some of her topics include managing turnover, how to be a successful host, and automation tools. She is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. My main gripe about this podcast isn’t about the content itself, but rather the audio quality. It sounds like it was just recorded from a phone call, but using a decent microphone could really elevate the quality of this one.


Podcasts in general are my favorite way to absorb information. They are typically at a very digestible length (30-60 minutes long) and are free! Listening to podcasts at the gym or taking transportation is a great time to learn, and get something else accomplished at the same time. There are tons of real estate podcasts out there primarily covering long-term rental income, such as Bigger Pockets, however there seems to be a shortage of short term rental podcasts. Since this is a growing industry I’m hoping to see more and more pop up, and for the list to keep growing.


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